Franchise Innovations For You, LLC.Franchise Innovations For You, LLC.

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Franchise Profile

  • Total Investment: $173,000 - $263,000
  • Cash Investment: $173,000
  • Business Type: Franchise
  • In Business Since : 2005
  • Training & Support: Yes


Traditional Model Franchise

Single $173,000 (Fran Fee - $59K, Vehicle & Equipment - $106K) 350,000 pop.

Super-Pack $271,000 (Fran Fee -  $157K, Vehicle & Equipment - $114K) 1,000,000 pop.

  • Business Description: 1-800 WATER DAMAGE (Owned by BELFOR - World's Largest Property Restoration Company). Services include – (Water, Fire, Mold Remediation and Carpet Cleaning for Residential and Commercial Clients). 1-800 Water Damage is a Traditional Model Franchise 
  • Single (350,000 pop.) or Super-Pack (1,000,000 pop.) Territories.
  • Overflow Referral Work from Offices of Parent Company - BELFOR
  • Major Natural Disaster (Hurricane, etc.) Referral Opportunities
  • Most Major Insurance Company & Third Party Administrator (TPA's) Vendor Lists
  • Best Initial Training & Ongoing Support Team in the Restoration Industry
  • Employment Agency for Labor Pool (Temp Employees and Full Time Techs)
  • Over 400 Major Market Territories Still Available
  • Largest Territories in our Service industry Space (350,000 population)
  • Services cannot be "Outsourced to China" or "Dropped on your Doorstep" by Amazon
  • Large Majority of Work Paid by Insurance

Financing Options:

PLAN A: (BELFOR Franchise Group Financing)

We can finance up to $29,500 - 50% of the Franchise Fee. We can also finance $65,000 Vehicle (They will put $10,000 down)

Candidate will need to pay $39,000 for the Equipment.

Candidate will need at least $80,000 down payment to get started.

PLAN B: (Preferred Lender Financing) (150% of Needed Funds)

$150,000 Unsecured SBA – (10 Year Loan)

$100,000 Loan for Vehicle and Equipment (6 Year Loan)

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