Franchise Innovations For You, LLC.Franchise Innovations For You, LLC.

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Franchise Profile

  • Total Investment: $196,200 - $338,795
  • Cash Investment: $100,000
  • Business Type: Franchise
  • In Business Since : 2015
  • Training & Support: Yes


  • Pilates is a leading format in the current boutique fitness craze…already proven.
  • However, the initial brand player is nearly sold out.
  • BODYBAR observed, learned, proved out their model and they are ready to grow nationwide with a better experience for the member and more attractive investment for the Zee.
Key Differentiators: Upscale, Spa-like Feel / Higher Revenue Potential / Personalized & Challenging Work Outs / Quick to Profit
  • Attractive Net Profit Margin – 31%
  • Low to Moderate Investment
  • Quick Profitability - The business model is built around community, quick profitability, and systems with proven results. Studios have and can cash-flow in as little as 60 days!
  • High Demand - The demand is already here, and the only national competitor has sold out of most of their territories leaving space for BODYBAR to move in and take over.
  • Hot Industry- Fitness is hot and boutique fitness is the fasting growing segment in the industry
    • Over 50M fitness memberships in 2017
    • In 2015, 20% of all fitness memberships went to boutique fitness centers
    • In 2016, 40% of all fitness memberships went to boutique fitness centers
    • In 2017, 65% of all fitness memberships went to boutique fitness centers
  • Higher Revenue Potential- The only Pilates concept with 14 Reformers, opposed to the 12 the competitors offer. This allows for an increase in revenue capacity by 17%. In addition to this it is an upscale studio with high-intensity and high-energy classes.
  • Recurring Revenue Model – BODYBAR members buy recurring monthly memberships and over 60% of the gross revenue comes from these memberships.
  • High-End/Spa-Like Environment – Upscale, high-energy studios that clients love!
  • Simple Operation- Lean staff, no real inventory (besides clothing items), payroll is variable as membership grows (control payroll costs through schedule/session roll-out).
  • Low Cap Expenses

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