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Miracle Method

Franchise Profile

  • Total Investment: $130,000 - $130,000
  • Cash Investment: $50,000
  • Business Type: Franchise
  • In Business Since : 1979
  • Financing: Yes
  • Training & Support: Yes

Miracle Method

Restoration Is Big Business!

Today more and more people are making restoration a priority when they renovate vintage homes! Preserving the dignity and living comfort of the past can be done simply and reliably when employing the services of a Miracle Method franchisee. In fact, the home-renovation television show "This Old House" featured a New England Miracle Method franchisee and his restoration and refinishing of a c.1919 bathtub as part of a show about an Edwardian home. It should be noted as well that in today's environmentally conscious world some clients find it more responsible to refinish old tubs and plumbing fixtures than to dispose of them. Refinishing that old tub, sink or countertop can often be hundreds, even thousands, of dollars cheaper than replacing it once the labor cost
is included. Refinishing tubs and similar items is a rapidly-growing industry and one that you can be part of as a Miracle Method franchisee.

A Little History

Miracle Method started in 1979 when a new method of refinishing plumbing fixtures was developed. Prior to that time it was necessary (when refinishing a tub) to etch the surface of the old finish using hydrofluoric acid, a highly corrosive substance that is dangerous to both the user and the environment. Today the operation still uses a proprietory bonding agent and there are over 100 other franchises operating world-wide.

What Do We Provide For You?
Miracle Method will establish a protected territory for you as a franchisee. As well they will provide extensive training in the use and application of Miracle Method products and in how to operate and promote your new business. Training is ongoing through regional workshops, newsletters and updates to already provided documentation. Miracle Method will also supply you with promotional materials including print advertisements, radio and TV ads, brochures and flyers. You will be doing business under Miracle Method's familiar name and logo which will serve to increase your customers confidence and you'll have access
to Miracle Method's proprietary bonding agent, coatings and processes.

What Will This Cost Me?

Miracle Method will charge you only $18,500 for your franchise including a protected territory and all the items noted in the previous section. Fifty percent of this fee can be financed. Your actual start-up costs will depend on many things including where you operate your business, how much in the way of hardware and business supplies you elect to purchase (and how much you have already) and how much initial promotion you decide to do. We estimate, however, that you can start your franchise for as little as $15,750 (if the initial fee is financed) out-of-pocket. Once your franchise is operating you will be paying a 5% royalty on your sales.

How Much Will I Make?

Miracle Method can't make specific promises but have found that single-truck operations can make as much as 60% net profit and multi-truck operations can make up to 20% on gross sales up to $1,000,000 or more per year. Like any business, the rewards are proportional to the effort you put in!

Miracle Method solves a major problem for many of their clients by helping them keep the vintage look they love without the ugliness and worn-out appearance of old, well-used fixtures. Miracle Method spares the expense of purchasing new reproductions (available, but at a cost!) and having them installed. Because Miracle Method has been in business for over a quarter of a century, and franchised for almost as long, they are a familiar name to many potential clients. That is why you'll find them high on almost any list of available franchises. You won't find them high in the listings ranked by franchise fees, however, for they are more affordable than most. This means that a Miracle Method franchise can be an unparalleled opportunity for you the potential franchisee!




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