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So how's your research of franchise opportunities going? If you have requested information from a number of different companies I'm sure you're getting inundated with e-mails and phone calls. Don't let that scare you. There are many different franchise opportunities and you probably want to pick out a couple that interest you the most to start investigating.
What I recommend is that you research two or three companies as you start out to get a feel for the process. Although the process takes time, you should really try to do the proper due diligence to make sure it's the right fit before you discard the idea. One thing that has helped others in the past is this list of questions. As you answer them, you may find out more about what you are really looking for in a franchise.

1) What kind of life style do I want to have?
2) How big do I want my business to get (staff size, income, etc.)?
3) Do I want employees/subcontractors?
4) How many hours do I want to work each week?
5) Do I need to meet the school bus every day or take off every Friday?
6) How will I cover my expenses while I ramp up the business?
7) How will going into business for myself affect my family?

This is just the start of your journey, and there will be more questions to ponder in the near future. You want to choose a business that fits your life style and gives you the potential to meet your life goals. It is also important to note how family and friends feel about this new venture. If they can move past the initial angst that comes with the idea of starting something new, they can provide you some clear insights to your own personality.