Franchise Innovations For You, LLC.Franchise Innovations For You, LLC.

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Getting funding for your business?

Do you need help getting funding for your new business? If you do, we can help.

Franchise Development Group can help you to better understand your options and even refer you to third party lenders who understand and deal with Franchise Funding each and every day. You can tap into several types of lending programs such as:
  • Small Business Administration Loans
  • Funding from private lending instutions
  • Tapping into your retirement plans WITHOUT any fees for early withdrawel
  • Using your non-IRA investments as collateral for funding
  • Taking advantage of equipment leasing programs that can reduce your overall start up costs
  • Unsecured lines of credit
Choosing the right lending program for your new business will play a big part of your initial and ongoing success, so we are here to help. We'll help you understand your options and connect you with qualified lenders who can help you design the right program for your new business.

Franchising may be the key to unlocking your growth potential.

We are a full service franchise consulting group and can help you determine if you are a good candidate for franchising. What does it mean to be ready to franchise? No one is ready until they have gone through the entire four phase process, but there are many indicators that can help you decide if you are a good candidate. We discuss these with you before you make any decision to move forward. READ MORE